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After literally decades of struggle to keep my face from breaking out, I had almost given up the fight. And then this ‘little soap and lotion company’ (aka Perfectly Posh) came on the scene and joined the battle on my behalf and my skin will never be the same! Thank goodness! And thanks to an amazing new product made by Perfectly Posh called Whole Lava Love, my skin has progressed to a whole new level of acne-free.

Several key ingredients in Whole Lava Love make it effective for me in keeping my face clear:Whole Lava Love-ISO

Charcoal Powder

  • Draws dirt, toxins, and oil from the skin preventing them from getting trapped and clogging pores

Sugar Beads

  • Mildly exfoliates dead and dry skin from surface
  • Draws moisture to skins surface
  • Contains natural glycolic acid which moisturizes and protects skin

Mint Oils: Peppermint/Spearmint

  • Antibacterial and antifungal to kill germs that cause acne
  • Stimulates blood flow to improve circulation

Volcanic Ash

  • Similar to fine sand it is an effective exfoliator to remove dead outer layers of skin as it cleanses skin
  • High sulphur content, which helps the body not only resist bacteria, but also destroy it
  • Sulphur promotes cell turnover by helping the skin shed dead cells, keeping pores free from blockage

There are always several factors at play with acne: there’s a bacterial component, a clogged pore, and inflammation response, a hormonal factor, and potentially a hereditary factor. So, it can be tricky to chase all these challenges at once. But the Whole Lava Love has given me something that simultaneously addresses those factors that I can influence and control. And my personal results have been phenomenal!

Whole Lava Love on meBut the best part about the Whole Lava Love is that it feels fabulous to use it! The experience is unmatched for me! The peppermint and spearmint are cooling and refreshing; and they even tingle a bit! And the mint oils leave a subtle, yet noticeable moisturization on my skin. (This probably signals to my skin that all is well with it’s oil secretion and there is no need to over-produce.) The exfoliating component of the sugar beads and volcanic ash is unlike any other scrub I have ever tried on my face. Most other scrubs lead to irritation and breakouts for me. Not this one! In fact, if I have the signs of a blemish or two at the end of the day, I use my Whole Lava Love and the next morning, no threat of a breakout remains.
It’s difficult to say how long a $19 bottle of Whole Lava Love would last me because my whole family has gotten in on the Lava Love action and uses my jar. Even my husband couldn’t resist joining the Love when my 2 daughters and I were enjoying our Lava Love-fest one night. I’m pretty sure he’s hooked now too.

If you fall Whole-heartedly in Love with this Lava, let me know. You will also want to meet it’s cousin the Cackle Spackle, which is a face mask , also made by Perfectly Posh. What the Cackle Spackle lacks in scrub, it makes up for in tingle! Trust me! If you try it, you will know exactly what I mean!

Cackle Spackle-ISO

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  • Meg Forrest says:

    This is an awesome breakdown of the ingredients and why they are so great!! Thanks for sharing that! I too am obsessed with Whole Lava Love. I think it may be my single most favorite product of all of Posh. I love the smell – not too strong, just fresh and minty. I actually get excited to take a shower and use it. I’m that big of a dork. So glad someone else loves it as much as I do!

    • Meg, please tell me that you have tried the Cackle Spackle, the cousin product to Whole Lava Love. It has the same combination of essential oils in a kaolin clay mask with charcoal for powerful pulling and drawing out of impurities. It is an awesome switch-up from the Lava once in a while.

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