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The world of lip products has come a long way since ancient Sumarian queen Schub-ad slathered her lips with lead and powder ground from red rocks. Fortunately for modern-day women, our options aren’t so limited. From lip gloss, to lip stain, to lipstick, we have some serious options. But with all the noise in the media about the newest lip trends and colors and the like, I thought I’d bring us back to basics. Today I’d like to offer some advice from someone who has been playing with lipstick for years. Ready for my lip lovin’ secret? The truth is, that when it comes to lip products, preparation is just as important as application.

red lipstick scarfThe models you see applying the perfect coat of lip stain or lip dye obviously have near -perfect lips!  But one thing that may not be so obvious is that they also have the perfectly PREPARED lips.  And this means that the product is going to go on easier, look better, and last longer.


You can’t change what the Good Lord gave you in lip proportion, but you absolutely can change what YOU do in lip preparation.  Here are a couple little known tips:

1.  It all starts the night before!  Use a quality lip scrub the night before you are going to apply your lip stain or lip crayon to exfoliate away any dead or dry skin that might cause your lip color to feather, clump, or flake.  Many lip exfoliating products you apply, scrub, and then wipe off.  But in my mind, it’s CRAZY to wipe off the best part of the scrub.  That’s why I love the Sugar Lip Scrubs by Perfectly Posh.  Choose one of the Posh scrubs with either brown sugar or white sugar to mechanically buff away dry skin.  But then after the sugar dissolves, allow the glycolic acid it becomes to combine with all the softeners and conditioners in the product to further chemically exfoliate your lips while restoring the moisture they are starving for.  Leave it on all night in preparation for stain-ready-lips in the morning.

Lips Scrubs Iso collage poshifiedGoodnightKisses-ISO2.  Goodnight Kisses lead to luscious lips…  I know you thought it was the other way around: luscious lips lead to good night kisses.  But in the case of your all day lip color, the Goodnight Kisses Overnight Lip Mask is key to your long-lasting lip color.  This is another Posh product  that is rich in butters and oils  to deeply and effectively moisturize lips. It’s an essential step, especially if you love that matte color trend..  Matte color dries out lips and that   moisture needs to be restored for healthy looking lips!  This little miracle mask is a MUST for matte-lovers.  Just be prepared to re-apply if your partner figures out your routine and steals it straight off your lips…  At least it will be true to its name and you will have gotten your “goodnight kisses.” 😉

3.  Use a lip liner to define, contain, and retain lip color.  You may choose to use a pencil liner or a lip liner brush to precisely define and adjust lip shape and to prevent your lip color from bleeding.


Did you know?

lip balmNot all lip balms are the same….  Some are higher in wax content.  Wax in lip balms serves several purposes.  It helps the balm hold its shape and withstand heat.  And once on the lips, it holds the moisture in.  It doesn’t add moisture, but prevents moisture loss by locking what’s there in.


The higher the concentration of certain oils and butters in a lip balm, the more moisturizing it is for the lips.  Not all oils or butters get absorbed into the skin to the same level.  Some go deeper than others.  The skin loves Shea butter and it absorbs to a deeper level than others.  Mineral oils stay on the surface of the skin which means they can prevent moisture loss, but not really add moisture.  


The take away:

Choose a lip balm based on what’s in it to accomplish what YOU need for YOUR lips.  For more moisturization, choose a product with shea butter or jojoba oil, ingredients that absorb right into your skin. To prevent moisture loss, choose a product with more wax to form a protective barrier.

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  • VideoPortal says:

    First of all, use a good lip balm with enough SPF in it. Wait for few minutes to let the lips absorb it properly. Now use a lip liner. Take the foundation on your finger tip and apply to your lips.

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