The Stripper Body Mask


8 oz / 228 g

Ready for your night out on the town? This body mud is the perfect party companion. Strap your stilettos on and go to work. Bare your blemishes proudly and let the charcoal take control. Kaolin clay bounces those toxins out of the club, back through the velvet rope and across the street. The Stripper has three major clients, triglycerides, glycerin, and safflower oil. Each of these big spenders soothes the skin and keeps moisture locked in. Apply this dirty little mud to a clean face for 1-15 minutes. Rinse and then moisturize for maximum results. An aggressive little thing, be sure to test on your inner wrist before application to sensitive areas. Stash your wallet with one-dollar bills—this stripper is good at what she does. You’ll be ready to hit up the streets…or stay home and take it all off.

Vanilla and spice
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