Introducing.. VIAL by Perfectly Posh!

I am so excited to announce that VIAL by Perfectly Posh is now available!

Introducing.. VIAL by Perfectly Posh!

Meet Vial the new Hydro locking Technology for your lips.

Vial is Stain without Shame!  We are sharing  the first green chemistry, long-lasting lip wear around.  Vial features fierce color without the unnatural ingredients that can dry, damage, and even burn your lips. This technology makes this the perfect lip stain for dance teams, moms, and every busy women.
What do I love about  our new long lasting lip color?  I can feel confident using this product day in and day out with ingredients I can name and a feel that is pampering.  No matter if I am hanging around the house or out and about I can feel confident and pampered.
Introducing.. VIAL by Perfectly Posh!

What is Green Chemistry, you ask???

Green chemistry gives you a more natural choice, with ingredients names you can pronounce. The Natural fermentation makes this lip stain wear, last longer and nourish better than other products. This simple two-step hydro locking Vial lip system lets you have FIERCE, long lasting color that won’t burn, dry, crack or whip your lips!


Vial Science


Now available to customers on my site at http://www,

Starter kit is $49.00 and includes

1 Primer, 1 color, 1 gloss


1 Primer, 2 colors

You get to pick!  Also, make sure to connect to my Facebook VIP page  so that you will know when our new colors are launched.  You can expect seasonal colors and special additions every 2-8 weeks.   So get connected at
Vial Colors

Tips and Tricks on using Vial

Vial Tips and Tricks

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